My Icd

Five behavioural stages characterize impulsivity: an impulse, growing tension, pleasure from acting, relief from the urge and finally guilt (which may or may not arise). Yep this is exactly the stages i go through. Mine was visiting prostitutes. The impulse was their , the growing tension , the pleasure from acting , relief from the urge the guilt came from these actions which were self destructive , now my life is in ruins , when if i had control i should be enjoying a happy productive life.

It was the same with my job , i had the impulse to quit , the growing tension , the relief from quitting and then the guilt of having left a job when i should of handled the situation better.

but i would say their is some relief from knowing what was wrong and having a diagnosis.

i want to crush this disorder as it is completly self destructive.

rjp0101 rjp0101
36-40, M
Jan 14, 2013