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I am a 59 year old African American male, was diagnosed with IBM in Oct of 2011. A very rear disease only 51 million people on the planet have this. I previously asked my Dr. about the weakness in my legs and he would tell me that I was getting older and needed to exercise. I got fed up with him and changed doctors. I had a fall in the clinic and they referred me to a neurologist.He found my CK level elevated and he started doing these weird test where they would stick these pins in my legs and measure my muscle response that test is called EMG (electromyogram) can detect abnormal muscle electrical activity in conditions such as neuropathy and myositis. I started to experience falling down, difficulty going up stairs, getting out of the car and stopping down. I found myself not able to plant flowers and do my normal yard chores. It really hit my hard when I could no longer climb up the latter to do other work around the house. Being a man I find it hard to have my wife to ask me if I need help with lifting groceries and other tasks.

Since there is no treatment available I am starting to exercise to save the muscle that is left. I have also started to watch the foods that I eat. They say that fresh fruit and veggies are a plus. Nutrition, exercise and maybe Eastern medicine. I am going to start exploring eastern medicine to help me.

In addition to IBM I am experiencing major depression. I have been off from work 2 weeeks because of muscle weakness, poor concentration and fatigue. I have been prescribed gabapentin which help my depression and muscle weakness. I was also given prozac for depression I am reluctant to take the prozac and I don't take it consistently.

Prayer to God and meditation is also a part of my treatment plan. I hope this can help someone.

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Keep strong and try to work with a physical therapist who is willing to research the condition and design an exercise program for you. I am doing that now and it has lifted my spirits tremendously! Sounds like you are on a good path. Good luck!

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. This disease is very insidious.<br />
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Since no successful treatment is available, attitude seems to be of utmost importance in dealing with IBM. As with most things in life, how we decide to react to it will help decide to what extent it will affect us. Stay positive!<br />
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It's great to hear you have a wife to help you. Some of are not as fortunate. A strong support system is a good indicator of successfully handling what you will have to deal with. <br />
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Bless you.