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I was diagnosed with polymyositis three years ago and was given IVIG treatments for six months and they were not effective.  I also had the Hepatitis C virus but it had been dormant since 1975 and the doctor told me it would not be a problem in life.  However, after the IVIG treatments, which suppressed my immune system, the Hep C viral load reared its ugly head and skyrocketed to over 5 million units per litre.  I was then told by another doctor that I did not have polymyositis but rather inclusion body myositis.  Then I had to take the interferon treatments for 3 months to kill the Hep C virus and now the viral load is undetectable.  The 4 doctors that I've seen have told me that there is nothing they can do as far as treatment and the only thing they can do is give me pain medicine to help with the pain, which does not do very much to relieve the pain.  I continued working until August 2007 at which time the pain was so severe that I had to go on short term disability and then long term disability.  I am currently on Social Security Disability and not looking very hopeful on getting any relief.

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Tell me more about your pain. Is it IBM caused? I may have more arthritis than I think which is causing some of my pain and don't know much about the pain associated with IBM.<br />
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