Knew Something Was Going On...

I'm a 61 year old white male who just got the word that confirms I have IBM. Right now I'm a little dazed; I feel very lonely. I'm sure I'll come around but for now, I'm very depressed & have difficulties putting a positive spin on this. It will take time.

About 10 years ago a simple blood test reveled that I had high muscle enzymes. My doctor thought I might of had a heart attack but later proved I didn't. Their conclusion was I simply tested high on the bell curve - no big deal. Now, my doctors feel this was probably a 1st sigh of IBM. Six years ago I noticed drop foot in my left foot. I have a history of back pain issues so a pinched nerve was suspected but not treated or diagnosed. Later, my right foot showed sighs of drop foot. About 2 years ago I noticed the grip in my left hand was very weak; then my right hand about a year later.

I live in rural Michigan. Local doctors referred me to more experienced doctors in the city. My experience with a large hospital in Detroit was not good. For about 6 months I pursued every recommendation my doctor made only to find that while I was a candidate for IBM, I was an even better lab-rat for his interns to learn from. Finally, a muscle biopsy was ordered but taken from the wrong muscle group & proved inconclusive. After this experience I felt I could not trust any local doctors so I applied & was accepted at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

The experience here was just the opposite. I've never seen a more caring, efficient medical facility. In 5 days I learned what I couldn't in 6 months locally; that I indeed have IBM.

Arloderg Arloderg
Dec 3, 2012