My Wife Allows Me Full Access To Her Body When She Is On Ambien...

It all started when she started taking Ambien for sleeping. We would have great sex and when I would mention it the next day she never had any memory of it but she was never upset about the fact we had sex. We were talking one day and she told me that she gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to her while she was sleeping, as long as I told her what I/we did the next day. I started out with just fingering her and having sex quickly. Then after I while I started playing with her *** and she was so relaxed because of the Ambein, after a few 'sessions' I was able to have anal sex with her for the first time ever. I would always let her go to sleep first, then join her in the bed about 20 minutes later...after she was sleeping. I would ask her before she took it if I could play and when she game me permission I would tell her what to wear (if anything) and what possision to fall asleep in, depending if I wanted her ***** or her ***. I would start by fingering her ***** and *** and pinching and twisting her beautiful nipples. She would be semi-awake, enough for herself to get really wet and horny. At first she didn't really talk or respond to questions, but would allow me to do anything and would always moan until she came. There were times I would play with her for an hour before penitrating her just because she was allowing me to and enjoying it with her loud mouns and would have multiple *******. I would always tell her the next day what I had done to her and how amazing she felt. She enjoyed the fact that she was under my complete control and that I would do things to her body that I always wanted...and she wanted too but was always too shy to admit it. After being on it for a few months, she began to respond more and more to me during sex. She now acts as if she is completely awake and will respond to requests and questions. She still allows me to do whatever I playing with her ***! When she is not on Ambien she doesn't like her *** being played with, but with Ambein she really enjoys letting me finger it and sometimes go all they way in it! She has never been able to have anal sex while not on Ambien and still to this day doesn't allow it unless she is on Ambien. She's been taking it for almost 1 year now and because of Ambein we have sex 5-7 nights every's amazing stuff!! And I can not express how much I love my wife for allowing me full access to her body the way she does. I would never cross the line and share her with anyone unless she gave me permission while NOT on Ambien and I would never take photo's of her without her permission. I wouldn't want to mess up my chance at amazing Ambien sex on the regular nightly basis like I have now.
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Do you hear yourself? 'I would never cross the line and share her with anyone unless she gave me permission.' Thats ridiculous... what kind of respect is that? just the thought of sharing is disrespectful. And 'I wouldn't want to mess up my chance at amazing Ambien sex on the regular nightly basis like I have now.' What are your priorities? I get it, I love great sex with my wife, and removing inhibitions are awesome... but reading what you wrote does sound a bit disturbing to me.

wow im in a similar situation

Does it put her in a good mood the next day after getting laid even if she doesnt remember it?

You should bring in a friend to have her too.