Down South

My husband and i met in Texas, He was in the army and stationed in Killeen. He is from Birmingham Alabama,when he got out of the service he moved home to his family and i moved home to Pennsylvania(pregnant). I never thought our relationship would work,you know him being there and me being here. Well to tell you the truth we both had some outrageous phone bills.Anyway it did work, He wasnt here to see our daughter born but came up shortly after and we have been together ever since. We have added three more kids to our lives and i have family in Birmingham Alabama.

After Annalysse (our first born), we moved down south, we stayed with his parents.Mind you I still have not met these people and i am white.Yes he is Black. It was scary for me because i have no ides what to expect in regards to what other people would think of our relationship, not to mention his folks who didnt know me and were not at the court house when we got Obviously it worked we have been married now for 9years and i love my inlaws, and to tell you the truth I LOVE the south.  Nicest people and such a diverse amount of people. We lived close to the college part of the city and so it was not uncommon to see interracial couples all over the place.

My extended family are such a blessing to us and mostly to me because they truely love me and I  guess i thought they would have a hard time excepting me , they are Christians and let me tell you She can COOK !!!!!They come up here to Pa every summer and take all the kids back to spend time with them for about a month. WOOOHOOOO!!!!Which helps with much needed mommy daddy time. So that is the story about my family in ALABAMA.

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That is a nice story, it is good to see interracial couples making it, but I thought those type of relationships would not last. It is truely a blessing, I am glad to hear something good out of it.

wonderful story-- thanks for sharing and a very warm welcome to the community!

Hey you know what i got married when i was 19yrs old and i can only say that #1 We both love the Lord and #2 he is my best friend and we are both LEOS if you can believe that...which by the way is supposed to be the last thing you do is marry the same sign and i dont believe that stuff but it was funny. His b-day is 8-19-74 and mine is 8-21-77and we married 8-22-96. But truthfully God is the foundation of our relationship and that is how it works for us. Keep in touch

what a nice "normal" story for a change lol. i've been married 2 times, can't seem to get it right. any secrets for a happy relationship...