I Want It Back

hahahaha. finally i found people that talk about demons. HAHAHAHA. they are so interesting arent they. especially the one in my left side of my body. i believe in guardian angels and demons. my angel would be easy to talk to. because so many talk about invoking them. however not many are brave enough to invoke a demon. and few of those that are brave enough will put it on the web. my demon has been around as long as i can remember. the demon was there most of my childhood. whenever someone hurt me. i lost control of my body but could see. and he would hurt everyone...hehheehehehe...hahahaahaha the blood he shed. it was beautiful. the power. but coming from catholic family i was forced to try to control it. i was even given medicine. when i got to seventh grade he didnt come out whenever. someone had to doing something. and i had to tell them to stop. like in seventh grade this guy had me in a headlock. and i told him stop it three times. then i lost control. my body grabbed his hair as that was all my left arm could grab and pulled him back forcing him to the ground and to let go. then i got on top of him and started to choke him with my left. there was no emotion on my face. the only thing that snapped me out of it was the girl i liked at the time yelled stop.  this is probably a good time to mention ive been suicidal every 4 yrs when i was 4,8,12,16 all during september on the first week. the only thing that keeps me from doing it is i have some friends i care about. because they never hurt me even with the demon. so its safe to say i can kill myself without a second thought. so i can probably do the same to someone else.  in eighth grade it happened again. but after that it hasnt happened. im not sure if its cause i never said stop it three times. but i know i want that power back. i want that desire for blood back. i want these people that like to cause me trouble and pain to see what theyre really dealing with. ill do whatever it takes to bring him back. so id advise people not to get in my way. anyways thats my story

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1 Response Jun 8, 2008

I don't quite think that's what the group creator meant by "inner demons," but, whatever... o_o