I have dealt with most of them.Some are deep rooted. They used to invade my dreams and give me horrible nightmares. I never remembered most of them.

It's like carrying film clips in your head. I used to get reminded of them by other things and still do. Things that would trigger memories, thoughts about the past. Some things i try to forget...

I learned over time, dealing with the past is not forgetting. Dealing with the past is accepting. Understanding the aspects that caused it to affect you. Break it down and truthfully examine the event. Then put it to the back of your mind, not to repress but to take positive from. Every act, no matter how traumatizing, retains a lesson that can be learned. Learning to accept fear but not let it control you. Learning to forgive what should be forgivable. Learning to forgive yourself for mistakes. Seeing that emotion is not weakness, it is a tool that allows supernatural strength when harnessed.

I've done stupid things. Most people do. I've missed out on chances i should have taken. Missed out on a relationship with a girl i fell in love with because i was too scared to admit the truth.

Life is unexamined.Raw and full of surprised. I know i will take it on the chin and get where i want, in the end.
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