A New Kind of a World

That the ability to think and performs logically and reasonably is of a critical importance so to be enabled rightly t perform . I do not think the WORD OF GOD inerrant. I think the notion of God is a false one. I think the alleged "reality of God" a lie. I am of the opinion the diamond value of each and every individual. I am of the conviction that ignorant man has created God and that God did not, at all, create man as is Biblically alleged. It is clear, to me, the non-voracity of the six day creation lie as alluded in the book of Genesis written by the lieing killer Moses. I am of the opinion the notion of God a lie having been produced by lieing men when the importance is that one of each and every individual necessarily what must needs supercede if it would be that we would build and maintain a right kind of a world. In this way it would appear, tome, the great importance of the each and every individual and of a great importance of having the proper kinds of knowledge and then of an importance and of the necessity of one becoming rightly educated as well. I have innovated of a new and of a different kind of the mathamatiques transcending the Uspenskian Quadratique system when it is that I think the Uspenskian Quadratique system ideologically emissive and operationally flawed. The generation of a new kind of a cosmology and of a new kind of an ontology as well as a new kind of an epistemology...these are my discoveries also what inscrutably are as some new idea of mine what are some of my pedagogical necessities to perform when having of an pedological interest in the instruction of others encouraged to develop of a better emotional attitude as related to the people of the world each having of their different types of their private worths when each is of their own kinds of their private experiences. Never-the-less the critical importance of the open forms of the discussion so to be allowed to share with one another the necessary amounts of the private information shared one with the other and that we should do this so to be allowed of the natures had of the various kinds of the problem comprehend, known about, understood and problem solve and resolve. I am of the conviction the relevance of the SCIENTIFIQUE METHOD, the absurdity of the relativism, the quantum theorie when it is true that I have discovered and demonstrated of an alternate way in which to know about, understand and viww of the working's and of the existentiality's of the world and of its related phenomenal and or physical parts. I think the American Republique, presently, up-side down because of the userpatous non-commercialisms presently being conducted on the internet. In like manner...I think the American Republique, presently, in difficultly because of the falsities of the beliefs had of the American People about of the various kinds of the "things" and religions all as had of persons erroneously and wrongly who so believe. I realize also it possible to further advance the American Republique, the other of the nations and the world and that we can do this by the dissemination and instruction of the workability forms of the right kind of the ideas all as would be disseminated to others as related to the new and the different kinds of the ideas what fly in the face of the conventionally related forms of the science and the various types of the religious philosophies; that one of the latter what does erroneously allude and falsely instruct. I am of the necessitated doings of, conversing with and making friends with others who would be interested in knowing more profoundly as related to the working's and existentiality's means had of the phenomenal and or physical world and of its related phenomenal and or physical parts. I am interested in the further establishment of liaisons with persons of who would be wiling to assist me of my cause to further elevate the world, the people of the world and the various nations of the world further become advanced of a more humane means of an use of the science, technology and industry used of as way to allow operationally, on this planet, of a way and of a means of the generative means of the SUBSTANCE and or PROVISION generationally developed as might be had and or procured easily by all or by any one and all procured of an honest, legitimate and of an use of an industrially related truthful means. Write, inquiringly, soon... William H. Millard wmillard@earthlink.net
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Hello. This may be spam?? But I accepted this challenge where I have to answer any and all perennial questions asked of me. So to whoever is out there reading this, if you need know what you are doing here, what everyone is doing here, or even how you can come to wonder such a thought ask away. (any perennial question not limited to those three.) I have to answer...

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