Sleep Deprivation-zzzzzzzzzz.............mmmzzzxxxxx Plonk!!!!!

  Wow,I thought I knew what sleep deprivation was.I have recently had a wee "BreakDown,Fight/Flight" syndrme,whatever Label,I'm open to constructive criticism,don't need put down's,I do that to to myself enough for you+I.But an Amazon Warrioress is arising.   To stay balanced+able to think clearly,one needs sleep.I've had ongoing issue's with my neighbour+I guess it all came to a head recently.Im embarrassed,overtired......back to the subject,see,(can't focus)--I'm slowly getting my mind back in order but I would try to have a sleep here+there but to no avail-poor Redtailed Hawk :),imagery is fun when your over tired but no,not recommending not to sleep.Im not a uptown user(Chrystal Methamphetamine),I'm just unable to sleep due to "Issue's",+as we get older we don't need as much.I wonder if there was such a thing as insomnia when we we're hunters+gatherers?Surely just an average day in that tme,would be enough activity to have a good nights sleep.I might just have a fire tonjght,chop some firewood.

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You'll be OK, Now me is another story.

You tuff,can handle anything baby,with you all the way my fwiend :)) LMx

Iv been trying to eat all my greens,fruit+I take flaxseed oil+fish oil+try to exercise.I think tis part of being a woman,Moanapaws-he he,try not to let it get to me.I worry too much at present.

hunters+gatherers I would think were pretty light sleepers. <br />
In those days there was actually plenty for gathering and hunting.<br />
Much more time for resting and family.<br />
<br />
I sleep like a baby most nights. Wondering if your diet has anything to do with it?