And I Love It

I really love the feeling of getting to have more time to live life than many others. I use my insomnia to my advantage. Being able to hang out and do whatever I want at night and show up for work the next day on time is magnificent. When I do sleep it isn't much, about three to five hours on a normal day, I pull at leas one all nighter every week and I sleep at one or two eight to nine hour naps a week. I normally get up, work out, hop on the net, shower, eat breakfast, then roll out. I wake up at different times whenever there is something that needs to be done, of course. I either work or hang out with my buddies during most days then, at night, when everyone else is asleep. When the towns and cities are quiet, I go exploring. I climb things that I shouldn't climb, I drive however fast I want with no worries for other motorists, I have the 24 hour gym to myself... on and on. The fun and the possibilities are endless. I get to have more meals in a day, I get to have equal to or greater play time versus work time. I love my insomnia. It is like a gift... There are bad parts though, sometimes I lose my strength very quickly when I have not slept for longer than 40 hours or so, which happens maybe once every couple of months because of my eradic and unpredictable schedule. Losing my strength makes me totally useless at work. Sometimes in the dead of night, absolute boredom sets in and that is an inconvenient time to be bored. Often times I lose track of time and wake up my buddies too early or too late and other times I become a little lonely. I feel like many of these insomniac activities would be better if shared with someone...
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Finally someone who appreciates having all this extra time.