Need Sleep!!!!!!!!!

I want to go to sleep so bad but I just can't! Even if I try things like drinking tea, meditating, taking a bath before bed, I just can't seem to fall asleep until I eventually pass out!! This is not good!!!
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Meditation should work if you can clear your mind, it is that your brain just doesn't want to rest. I started by telling my brain it is Ok to rest, it will come back stronger. I then started Yoga and that helped, now I teach people to sleep- have a look at my website You are young so it is a shame to go on medication.

Thank you LisaMarie!

When I was 17, I was put on oxycontin and vicodin and morphine and any other possible pain pills for an ongoing medical condition. After I took myself off all the pain medications, I went through withdrawal. I couldnt sleep at all no matter how hard I tried. I tried tea, the over the counter hormone supplements, tylenol pm. Everything and anything. I kept getting told that I was still in the process of recovery from my pain medications. After 2 months of only 2 hours of sleep at night, I couldnt take it. I had bags under my eyes, I looked so unhealthy. Then I had a talk with my doctor, and he said that after a withdrawal, some people have onset chronic sleep insomnia. Thats what I have. Ive been on Trazadone for 2 years now, and it still works perfectly. Its low dose and it works. I sleep for exactly 9 hours every night. I dont wake up tired groggy or anything. I feel refreshed. Its something to bring up with your doctor . I wish you good luck.

Thanks for your comments! I am going to talk to my doctor, and also get some chamomile tea. Thanks for the suggestions!

Pls try chamomile tea, it relaxes and it does not have caffeine-which you should avoid at all times!