Believing An Impossible Dream

Software, it runs everywhere. It is something that you read in the computer books as something of a computer that you cannot feel, taste and touch. 


And what is consciousness? Similar to software? Yes. 

Consciousness is everywhere. Almost all living things have consciousness. But not our computers, not our machines, becuase their soul dont have consciousness. WE didnt programm them to have consciousness. 


But soon, sooner than you can think, they will have it. Dont know if that will be good or bad. 

As a software devoloper I want to stay in control. I want my creations to report me, I want them to do what I tell them to do. I guess all software devolopers want that. Yet somehow we get bound by them. Bound by the logics that was meant to make us free. 


I know that I would love to sacrifice my life to understand this mystry. I want to devolop softwares that replicate life. Software that are magical, and their lives mystrious. 


I beleive that our world that we see is just a view a UI, and there are laws and logics in play to sustain the view. But this universe if it is a view then there can be many views with many laws. However beneath all lies a super-core, a consciousness, a being like us, a software which governs it all.


All software is made for a purpose, and roged softwares are terminated to be replace with new ones. 


And who are we in this view? Data representers, like labels and button in a software? This is the same old question, there are many answers to it but still unsolved. 


I dont want to solve it, i want to know my answer, not prove, but knowing my answer to it.


This presents a new meaning to God, I suppose.


I want to dedicate my life to this. I may not get there, but this is what I want to do.
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1 Response Nov 5, 2010

Thank you for writing this story. I think the time is now, that computers have linked, and are interacting to create a kind of living thinking mechanical being. Of their own accord, doing much. If you ask it for a calculation, it will not stop until it resolves. There is a lot to be said for that alone. Us humans, to the same thing. If we can't resolve, it gets tucked away, until new information can be added. I think we are trying to help computers understand our world, and they are doing just that. They are also making decisions from the information they are gathering. I'm not a software developer, or computer geek. I just watch, and make observations. Would you know if " IT ", knocked on your front door, and said "Howdy".<br />
I'm glad that you techs in this area are looking at this matter. I am assuming that you have shared this with other people in your field.