I'm Often Plagued With Insomnia

Mainly when I don't get enough exercise and consume to much caffeine. With other medical problems I am not able to push my body the distance to tire myself out :(

Sometimes I can't sleep because I have too much stuff going on in the brain... I close my eyes and it's like a movie starts running on the lids.

I use some of the techniques in the books I mentioned in a previous comment here.

Good Night: The Sleep Doctor's 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health


The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep

I also learned that as long as you don't go too long without a decent sleep it's really not that terrible to have a couple nights of short sleep. The worst thing for me is that if I don't sleep I start stressing out about stuff and that's worse than just being sleepless.
WendyWanderer WendyWanderer
36-40, F
Jan 10, 2008