Story Of My Life!!

        My name is Danielle i was in 6 grade when my insomnia started at the time my mom just thought it was me just watching tv but i knew that was not what was going on but she didn't  know that. Well so she took my tv out and everything else i had but my bed and it did nothing i was just up then looking at the walls.So it was hard going to school being sleepy and me and my mother tried everything to help me and nothing work so then we just strated going on with life but then i went to 10th grade that when things went worst. When i was in 8th grade i met a guy named Damon he is the sweetest man i have ever been with so we started dateing and we when in 10th grade and we had got pregnet i was 16 years old young i know. Well i had my son at 17 years old my and Damon are still together happy as ever 4 years coming up well when i had my son everything was going good then when he went to sleep i could not so when he would cry in the morning i could not get up for him. Then my family started calling me a bad mom i didn't know what to do so i just take pills like advil pm and others and  they work but sometimes i get used to them so then i have to wait a couple days. 

                                     Well ,
                                             Thank You for reading my story this is helping me alot!

mother91 mother91
Dec 5, 2010