My Wedding

I was a some party deal where met three young ladies as if I were familiar to them. One was prego, one was still fine and looking good as ever and another one who has been a good friend as so it seems.

We were walking out I had the prego and the fine *** lady as ever been. And followed as if we were exiting the building both girls were holding my hands. Then the ever so good looking girl and went to check on my good friend girl to see how she was doing, and same goes for the prego jus to see how she is doing... So after that I was thinking was this a wedding reaction or a funeral?! As I notice my good friend gal had tears and I no reason y?! 

So it seems as years pass.. And next thing I wast hitched to a girl n it felt amazing to have that someone.. Anywho it was a huge cathedral church looking that as if it was in Norte dames europe church lol.. I was like how did I manage to get the funds for this!!! Any ways it was your traditional wedding. Everyone all looking nice and attending this big event.

Next, before I could see who I was marrying it fast toward to me holding her hand as we walk to a reception and after a few dances I in a way isolated myself from everyone. Then went outside still some what daylight out there. One thing I knew for sure I shut the side door I snuck out of the sanctuary. As was strolling this path alongside the church I looked to sky and thank God that I am Going to Survive. 

All the sudden I see the good friend who was crying outside I gave a big hug and said I'm here for you if u need some one to talk too.. And so where she was standing I could tell the wedding was outside and the reception was inside the church. Back to my good friend I held so dearly as friends do... She was crying and the only thing I could do was hold her. These words I remember what I said "... It sucks but we live to learn, and to move on 
As we grow" then all the sudden she looked at me and said thanx, I helped her wipe her tears in the last row of this huge wedding cuz there was like 20 rows give or take. She told well you better get back in there u stud UR a married man now and I agreed with her on that note.

After most of our guess left the ladies were helping get my wife ready and prep to start our honey moon as I on they other hand just walked around the meadows next to the church and I was just thinking as I looked to the sky and thanking God I know I'm going to survive. All the guys helping some of the left behind volunteer guest and the church to clean up the awesome amazing event. I on other hand saw my mother and said " thanks mom for everything". Gave her a huge hug as she started crying then I said glady!! "I'M A MARRRIIEEDD MAN!!" and my mom laugh tears of joy and she said "yes you are son, yes you are and I Love you!!" we both chuckled and I gave her one last hug as if I was not going to see her for a while and said "I love you,mom" and woke up.
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