Tired As Hell.

I dont ever want to sleep.Even if i am dead tired.Think it should be an option,not a requirement.I always say"I will sleep when I am dead".That scares the hell out of me ,at times,because it may turn out to be true.Lately I have been seein all the studys on long term sleep loss and,those of us who suffer this damn thing,according to the study's are going to to die early.My friend of sooo many years recently sent me a happy bday greeting.My reply "Anyday above ground is a good one" ,was not meant to imply I expect to die soon,though that may turn out to be the jist of it.
Like many of us,may I call us...us,I have takin all sorts of,Help you sleep drugs.Not illegal drugs,but the kind at the store,thats suppose to help you sleep.Hell I wake up feelin like I havent slept in a week.No help there.
I am open to any  tips that have helped you.On this site more than I care to admit,so send your remedy's!
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i understand what kind of hell u are going through...wen i first got insomnia i used to think the same....that i'll get sleep only wen i m dead.....and in my case there was no strong reason for insomnia just to enter my life....it almost went after a month wen i stayed at my home....now i m back to my place where i live to study away from my parents.....n even the insomnia is back.....but now i dont fear it anymore....so my advice t u would be...jst relax.....dnt worry abt not getting sleep...it is difficult cuz i used t feel the same first but i overcame the fear.....if u dnt get sleep leave it jst follow ur normal routine...thts wat i do these dayz....smdayz later ull be able to overcome the fear...n ull be able to sleep properly...if not every night then 1 night in 2/3 dayz ull surely get a good sleep....

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that is hysterical...
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thanx, i needed that
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Bohave,<br />
Go directly to your family physician and say what you just wrote.<br />
<br />
No need to suffer needlessly, there are Rx meds available to assist you in your insomnia<br />
guess you may want to consider the cost of remaining sleepless in Seatle, vs. the cost of trying a medication...<br />
just sayin<br />
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