SO Hard to Sleep!

I can fall asleep for a few hours, and then wake up with my mind "ON!"

It's CRAZY!  Somehow I am able to function throughout the days...
malloryc malloryc
46-50, F
3 Responses Apr 6, 2007

i agree. it is surprise how food and drink can affect your sleeping. also i dont know if you've tried this try keeping to a regular sleep pattern. the first couple of weeks is hard but once you've run your body down enough my staying up late you should be able to slip into a regular pattern. also dont lay in bed awake. get up and read a book or do something. eventually your body will learn that bed if for sleep..<br />
good luck

Yeah things like warm milk is supposed to help. But not just food light bright light before bed can keep you up. Here is a link for sleep tips. On the left there is a tab for problem sleeping topics and tips:

i'd be interested to know what foods/beverages you consume. you'd be suprised to learn how food can affect our bodies' ability to rest. let me know, i may be able to offer some helpful resources.<br />
<br />
light & peac!