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9am, Still Hqvnt Slept Yet...

First, I think I'm just Sumone who dsnt require a lot of sleep. Secondly, the only other reason is PAIN! Usually more physical, bit can't deny there's goTA be some emotional Crap all jumbled in there. I typically get bout 3-4 Non-Consequential hrs MAX. (& thts a aGood night)Tried everything. Even one of those sleep studies, where the final report had no answers.
Only sometimescqn I takea nap. I've had EVERY kind of "speciality bed"...they're all hype,
& no relief. So now I sleep on a chair, couch , Hell I've even slept in the car. The one sleep aid O cannot live w/o are these 'Squshie' pillows(sold@BedBath&Beyond/$10,diff.shqped pillows filled w these tiny micro beads. NOT Xctly sure Wht its made out of. Ford bless tht company!
Kpolcyn1013 Kpolcyn1013 31-35 May 17, 2012

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