Curse You Basic.

Well... it's been a week that i've seen 3 am every night. I Can't sleep now my soldier left yesterday for basic. I can't sleep because he's on my mind constantly. I have an hour to go to sleep to guarenetee that i wont be late for work or i'm thinking of pulling an all nighter. I don't know yet. Just missing him is driving me nuts. I just wish i could sleep at night again. Any suggestions?
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

It sounds to me like you don't have medical insomnia <br />
but rather you are just being kept away because your hubby is gone <br />
and you miss him. <br />
<br />
either way not being able to get to sleep is rough. <br />
<br />
Id suggest doing some form of vigorous exercise in the evening before <br />
you go to bed. Like a long walk or a jog or something <br />
and after you do some vigorous exercise take a hot bath or a <br />
jacuzzi tub and make the water pretty hot <br />
<br />
for me soaking in hot water in a jacuzzi tub makes me want to <br />
just sleep like a baby after <br />
<br />
good luck

Ha I wish he was my hubby. I wish i could sleep now but i can't

Thanks, he let borrow one of his books. I do like movies and i watch them at night to help put me to sleep. I think its the actual night time that gets me because that was the time that we got to talk because i had two jobs and he was in high school and sports and drill kinda took over so we only really got to talk at night if i wasn't there with him. I can't wait till i get a letter. That will make my month perfect. But yeah Just one day at a time hoping they will go by quick. Thank you.

oh dear i know how u feel. my advise is to take it one day at a time. find some hobbies to do. it will help alot. do you like movies? if so watch them alot. they make the hours zip by. i hate to know that anyone is in pain. especially when i know how it feels. please, please take care of yourself. remember he needs you to be strong for him. think about how he would feel if he knew that you weren't sleeping. so try to relax. hope my tips help. oh also books. they help alot too. where i am i dont have many friends outside of work and so most times it's just me so these tips i use them and they help somewhat. hope they provide some relief to you.