Remember Sleep? Yeah, Niether Do I.

I'm a 23 year old guy currently living in an extremely small town in the middle of no where Ga.  I honestly can't even recall the last time my sleep patterns were anywhere near normal, I tend not to have any specific time that I normally fall asleep... yesterday I was finally able to get about 4 hours of sleep around noon and it's basically 5:30 am now so I don't expect sleep anytime soon... I'm for the most part an introvert, though when my mania hits I tend to be extremely social.. my insomnia has always been bad but sense I came to this small town a lot has happen for the worse such as my parents health taking a massive turn for the worse and in a town like this all jobs are already taken so I seem to not have any means of income which has all been building up within my mind for the past 5 years as things seem to still take a downward spiral, I feel as though I'm trapped by these four walls in this darkened room with sleep rarely visiting me. I just don't know how to move forward with my life anymore.
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I'm 32, and I know how you feel. For the sleep issue (wich I still struggle with for the last ... 15 years or so, but don't worry there are solutions) I recommend seeing a doctor, ask him about "zopiclone". It's not a sleeping pill (but don't abuse it), it makes you tired and helps reset your sleeping habits (not expensive).<br />
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As far as employment goes, try to get on an oilfield job (or any trade really), it is hard work (you will get used to it, takes 2-4 weeks), but after a 10-12 hour shift, trust me, you'll sleep no problem. The only times I have a hard time to sleep now is when I don't work... <br />
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In order to find work, you will need to get out of your "comfort zone", maybe move to another area (doesn't need to be big, just somewhere you can work). Use the net to locate employers, some can provide accomodation and transport.<br />
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Hope this helps.

I know how you feel as I have just discovered from the doctor that I too have clinical Insomnia due to depression.. The word even gives me chills just thinking that I have depression. Which is odd because many people think of me as a happy go lucky type of gal. <br />
I too am stuck.. it is very hard to even get an interview due to recession.. I am living with my parents, trying to save for some sort of a place and hopefully I will get the job I am looking for.<br />
I also, have had horrible nightmares, sleep paralysis and was told that I wake up constantly throughout the night (due to a sleep study that I did recently). <br />
I am now taking iron and vitamin D. But, as many have said to me .. I need a change. I need to get away from "it all". As I think you should as well.. if you can.<br />
Keep trying! *hugs*

Find a hobby that occupie your thoughts. Take up photography, and be freelance. It may help a bit with income and with your mind being occupied by other things besides worry. Stress will not let you sleep, I agree with abarbarito, a long walk can help.

That would drive me crazy too. I would probably start taking very long walks.

need to get out of there I think