Why Does Everyone Else

seem to know what will make me sleep? I don't mean you folks here - but I am sure we could all swap stories. I am 57 and have had sleep problems for about 35 yrs. I have tried it about all. So why does everyone and his uncle think that I need to be told to take a warm bath, have some milk, go for a walk, pray more, or my favorite - "just relax." Yeah right - I am trying to relax.... feeling my muscles tying up in bigger knots as I "try."
I guess they mean well and care, but I may not be very civil to the next person who tells me the latest cure-all that I heard, tired and discarded 30 yrs ago.
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2 Responses Jul 2, 2012

OMG thank you... its nice to read this. I just yelled at my mom today because of same thing. everyone has advice for you when you dont sleep but until they can walk a mile in your shoes they wont get it. relaxing, hot baths, praying nothing works. there is something off with insomniacs and they need to figure it out. I havent sleept since I was 13 and noone has answers for me yet. all you need to do is shut off all the lights and lay there your mind will eventually shut down, well you would think so but not for people like us. I am ready to end my life soon if they dont help me. I have been up now for a wk and everyone thinks I should be fine and not cranky or upset. I just want to scream help me damn it but noone listens to me..... your emotions get hard to control after a few days of not sleeping wish they could understand what it is like to be a daily struggle. good luck to you

yes, times 10 yes. everyone gives me advice, most of which in my own research have tried already. its all stuff that doesnt work. I have come to live with my insomnia.