Know The Feeling.

I've gone to sleep at weird times for so long, even though it's like a set pattern now, I have like an internal alarm clock, but still, I'd go to bed at around 5:00am to as early as 7:00am. And it's been like this for so long I've gotten use to it, as has my body. I don't really notice it much anymore. Everyone I know around me says I need to just go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, but I can't do that. Trust me I've tried.

I've tried going to bed at times like 12am, 11pm, etc. Things like that, but I always lay there in bed for hours upon end, I can never seem to get comfy either. Maybe it's my overactive mind, who knows, but I really need some sleeping medication or something. I haven't gotten any because literally nobody believes me. Which I've gotten use to as well, besides the fact that I rarely ever lie.

I'm kind of getting off topic here but that's just me kicking it into rant mode. It's 3am here, and I probably wont get to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I woke up at 3pm today, which is normal, I usually wake up around 2-3pm. I've gotten so use to it that it doesn't even affect me anymore.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

I know the feeling all too well myself, I relate to the times all the way down to the finer details, I've tried all kinds of things, including sleeping medication, I gave up on using any kind of pills to fall asleep after I got prescribed Ambien and end up tripping balls hallucinating instead of sleeping, now I know to stick to what's always worked, weed. I'm also used to people not believing me, thinking it's just me being a weirdo and wanting to sit on my laptop 'til 5 in the ******* morning or later every single night because I love it. Marijuana seems to be the only thing that can help me, because it actually manages to calm my overactive mind, no amount of drowsiness or tiredness, or other medication has been able do that for me the way weed can. Going to bed earlier to try to get sleep has become kind of a joke to me, I've just gotten used to it not working that way, if I don't go to bed around 3AM or later, I'll just toss and turn 'til about the usual time, sometimes trying to go to bed early even makes things worse.

I also know what you mean about the whole comfort thing, before sleep was much easier, but now I have to try all kinds of combinations and different positions with excessive amounts of pillows to try to find any kind of comfort, and most of the time it's still hardly seems to help. Sometimes it seems like maybe my body just can't settle either unless my mind agrees to let it happen.