Insomnia Is Real

I have terrible nightmares that I don't know how to get rid of. I thought of hypnosis, but I don't know if it will work...I'll try anything at this point. I have been having many nightmares about being strangled and suffocated. I am more tired when I wake up than when I go to sleep. Aaaaah!
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Your comment was really helpful...thank you whyamistillalive and hylierandom. I was actually in an abusive relationship and he tried to suffocate me with baby blankets, so I think that's why I am having these kind of nightmares. What do you think?


I have endured horrible nightmares for a long time, some of which were flashbacks of my past abuse. The lack of sleep and emotional disturbance of remembering them is very bad, so I can sympathize.

I am not a Doctor, or even want to suggest anything, but I can tell you what I wound up doing. My doctor who is treating me for depression and PTSD prescribed me some medication for this. The dreams still happen, they are the most important stage of sleep, so your brain requires it, but the medication suppresses my memory of the dream when I wake up, and the sedative effects of the drug prevent you from waking up during a disturbing dream.

I know that the subconscious part of my brain probably still gets affected by the nightmare itself, even though I don't consciously remember it, but it is a solution that is working for me, for now. It doesn't cure the problem, but at least it allows me to function.

My Doctor doesn't do therapy, she is too expensive to do that. Therapy is the only real solution (I think) to really get to the root cause of the nightmares. I am starting that tomorrow, I can follow up with any tips I get (if they aren't specific to my situation), she is making me go to therapy or she will stop giving me that medication, so I know it is only a temporary fix, but for a year it has worked great.

Also, many of my nightmares that I have now, and as a child, weren't specific to my past abuse, many of them were of people trying to kill me, usually people I know and trusted, it didn't make any sense to me why I would have nightmares like that. They are so vivid and clear to me when I am awake that if really affects me when I am around the people who were in my nightmares, even though those people never hurt me. I guess that shows how badly the nightmares affect me...

I guess my point there is this: It might be possible that your nightmares are caused by past trauma that you repressed so much that you forgot about it. Or maybe it is exactly what hylierandom said, maybe you had that happen to you in the past and that is why you are having nightmares like that (flashbacks).

Sorry for the length of the comment, I am going thru the same exact thing and I thought sharing all of this with you might help..

Have you ever been checked for sleep apnea? Do you snore really loudly? Or...did someone try to strangle you or suffocate you when you were younger? Repetitive nightmares are not a good sign.