I Rock In My Sleep.

As a kid I would rock myself to sleep my moving my body in rhythm, don't get me started on underlying psychological reasons, but my point is that once I stopped rocking myself to sleep, I began to wake myself up doing it. It only really became a problem at boarding school when I was in the same quarters as others.

I would wake up in the middle of the night moving back and forward in rhythm, caught in some kind of peaceful self hypnosis that I initiate in my sleep. I went t a sleep specialist who was very keen to explore my rare rocking disorder, but not keen enough to pay the NZ $1,200 needed to fund it. Then to a psychologist who recommended sleep medication, which I denied because I was too young (17-18) and didn't want to set myself up for a life of pills. Instead I opted for the non prescription option of liquid valerian.

Valerian has helped... I think, I take it almost every night. I used to use the pills but I began to think I could smell it on myself in the morning as though the scent came through my pores. That has never happened with the liquid form and I imagine it's more potent and cost effective. My other sleep crutch is ear-plugs. Ever since boarding school I have found noises at night to be very distracting. Breathing begins to bother me especially when it’s uneven or snoring. So at school I would regularly get the free ear-plugs from the school nurse, and now I have to buy them. I tell people that I’m bad at sleeping, as though it’s a hobby or talent, But I really do envy the people that lie down and are dozing in a minute or two. It always takes me at least three quarters of an hour to get to sleep. I love sleep, I hate wasting time. Love/hate. Plus, I think the rocking in sleep is giving me a range of curious muscle aches and problems that might get worse as I grow older.  

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2 Responses May 14, 2007

Interesting. I rock myself to sleep, but I don't wake myself up by doing it! Have you tried melatonin?

Haven't tried it, no, but I did do a lot of self-hypnosis at one point...which didn't especially help.