Running On Nothing!

I have gone the last two days without  sleep I do everything that is recommended and yet I cant seem to fall asleep. (It is just another proof that my body is trying to kill me.  If I don't some sleep soon I will lose my frigging mind. HELP ME!

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<p>My Insomnia is sheer MENTAL TORTURE!!!<br />
I'm a sufferer for 20+ yrs. I go up to 8days straight then crash for 3-5hrs, after that, the vicious cycle continues. I have seen a Hypnotherapist, Sleep disorder Doctor, a Psychiatrist, and CBT to no avail. I have tried numerous amount of meds that either don't work or I experience a Paradoxical Effect which can be brutal. So for who are sufferers I feel your pain:(</p>

Thank you for sharing your story. How are you doing now? Are you able to carry on daily living? Do you work Ok? I am asking because I am starting a similar problem as yours, wonder how long I can function normal. Thanks!

I had trouble sleeping for several years. Sometimes I would not be able to go to sleep at all. Other times I would go to sleep by 10:00, but wake up at 12:30. My mind would race and I could not relax or feel comfortable. At first, I just thought I needed less sleep, but over time I became exhausted, then started having palpitations. I had been to my doctor a couple of times, but he suggested things like a warm bath. Ha! As if I'd never thought of that. Finally, I started getting natural hormone replacement and I found out I have a problem with an irregular heart beat. I believe the heart problem was caused by years of sleep deprivation. Now I take my hormone replacements and take Melatonin at bedtime and I sleep very well. I even dream and I had not dreamed in such a long time. If you are having a problem with sleep deprivation, keep trying to get help. This is something that will really affect your health.

What has been working for me for some time now is: before bed I take a dramamine tablet, and a Melatonin tablet: usually the Melatonin is taken by letting it dissolve under the tongue. If these don't work, a cup of chamomile tea will definitely help do the trick. Another important thing for me is to listen to an interesting talk show. If it is interesting, somehow I lose concentration on it, and fall asleep. Without the talk, I tend to start thinking of something and dwelling on it. <br />
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Although I usually go to sleep with no problem I often may wake up after only 5 hours or so. What I do then is make some chamomile tea, drink it down with milk added, and that usually does the trick.

I used to have problems sleeping but after I started to incorporate these simple methods to my lifestyle, I am now able to sleep very well every night..Try worrying less, exercising daily and eating plenty of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits..You can probably try relaxation techniques like meditation and praying...Laugh more, worry less, be happy and you will have a good sleep!! <br />
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This site might help you cure your insomnia the natural way..

i havent slept for 7days now. after a long period of time like tht ill fall asleep for about 2hrs wake up and ill push on for another 7days or longer. <br />
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anyone else had this problem.<br />
<br />
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i also run at a high level as well but its stopping me competing at a international level as i never recover from training as that requires sleep

I am 29 years old. I have more than 9 years of sleepless nights and taking sleeping pills. I tried different things (e.g. exercise, yoga, playing badminton, etc.). But it doesn't work to have a good sleep. I bought fallasleepin15mins last week. also doesn't work . It is more on tips and techniques how to sleep. Maybe, some people can help that tips. Anyway, i have similar story like Marco Mureno. I have read his story a couple of days but not mentioned what treatment that man had done. I want to know his treatment..Check out his story @<br />
Could anyone advice and help me treat my sleep disorder please.. Thanks. Trixy

There is a yoga complex of 12 exercises called "Sun exercises" Do them at night if necessary all night long and you will see results. Exercising when you can't sleep is the best medicine.

TO ANYONE WHO CAN'T SLEEP PROPERLY. Visit it is a great website to help people sleep and/or deal with stress. It has audio tracks on it that you can download that have already helped others with sleep and stress difficulties (including myself). The tracks are visualisation ba<x>sed and aim to let your brain 'switch itself off' for the night in a very relaxing way. Another track is available for use at any time during the day to relax your mind and body without going to sleep. Take a look at the website I hope it helps!

Me too! Im trying to figure out what the cause could be but it seems just about anything can be a factor - check out this list...

most people dont honestly beleive me when i say i go til i drop<br />
Until they talk to me all night long and have seen me or talked to me the day before and see that i have been here there and yonder at all hours<br />
<br />
they warn me, they plead with me, they beg me , they threaten me how no sleep will kill me<br />
<br />
REALLY?? <br />
Do you really think we enjoy going for 3 or 4 days with virtually non stop no sleep exhaustion? crazy as hell!

i have insomnia do to menopause and i have to take sleeping pills from my dr. is not an easy thing . because you want to sleep and can't . and don't let me have something on my mind then the pill dont work , am not in a divorced but it feels like it . am married but single and live in the same house with no relationship very unhappy . and i conceren leaving so i can live a more healthy life . because am always sick or feeling bad this is 26yrs of married to someone who don't loves me

I have had chronic insomnia for at least 3 years. I think I make it worse because I am ashamed of it and I have now avoided relationships for fear that I will have to share my secret. Who would want to go out with an insomniac! Stupid I know as I am not just a girl who finds it difficult to sleep. Any advice??

stop using drugs that might b the problems or if thats not the problem don't wrry so much

YOUR BODY IS NOT TRYING TO KILL YOU, but without sleep you can imagine all types of thing.<br />
<br />
The lack of sleep kinda makes you stupid sometimes. GET SOME HELP.

One of the most important facts about bipolar is a routine sleep pattern. I have a routine I follow for sleeping that I follow relegiously. An episode can be brought on without sleep. It is time to call your therapist or doctor. No sleep for this long is dangerous. Turn the TV off. Read a book. Take a bath in Lavender and spray bed with lavender aromenherapy. One 24 our period without sleep is dangerous but 4 days is extremely dangerous and you should seek help as soon as possible.

When ou have bipola sleep pattern are one of the mot important things to maintain. If you havve been up this lon it is time to call your doctor. This behavior is not normal and you need some help. I read and don't watch TV. I take my medicine at the same time each night and then at the same time each morning. You have to really develop a sleep routine. Try bathing in lavender. Use lavender aromentherapy. Get on the computer and find some help you can use. But you really need to call your family doctor if you don't have a therapist. You may also try writing about your work, family or life in general. I wish you look.

One thing that helps me when I'm going through a perticularly bad spell of sleeping (most weeks I have at least 2 or 3 nights where I don't sleep at all). Lie down in your bed, dim the lights down or turn them off all together, put a quiet movie on (no actions or anything, something like a light drama, or romance, or something like that), and whenever you feel your eyes drooping, jut let them go.<br />
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That is the only thing that occasionally helps me, literally, the only! :-(

I also find it very difficult to fing the peace of sleep. I am bipolar s I know I must sleep, I must not change my sleep pattern or I can start the beginning of an episode. Sometimes I do take a sleeping aide.

also get some exercise if u havent...light/medium/heavy anything helps , if u sit around all day then it'll be extremly hard to sleep

also get some exercise if u havent...light/medium/heavy anything helps , if u sit around all day then it'll be extremly hard to sleep

chamomile tea or milk when or around the time u eat dinner . chamomile helps u feel sleepy and milk does in time specially at the end of day , a sleeping pill that helps me sleep is nightime sleep-aid . i barelys tarted trying pills, this brand is a good start

You can usually see people with inosima or at least me I get really active and hyper tho i am really really tired my brain just goes on and on think and wont let me sleep. Ive gone a week with no sleep b4 that was bad , i ended up sleeping to days after that .

I have insomnia as well. I have once gone up too 3 night with out sleep. I've found making sure i am very active during the day, keeping stress down to a minimal and not going on the laptop has helped a little. I don't believe in taking sleeping pills and i hope you can fiind help.

iam also a sufferer of insomnia


Not always but stress is definitely a big factor. I've developed chronic insomnia after I got divorced. It is getting better but maybe one or twice a month, I can't sleep where I'll be daybreaker for 48-50hr straight (sleeping aid does nothing). I work, barely stay alive until my days off and I finally will get sleep because my body PHYSICALLY gives out (usually end up sleeping for like 16hrs). It's a vicious cycle.

Hi,<br />
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For those of you having trouble sleeping you may find this article of interest.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
It just cam out today and speaks about a natural treatment that can help you sleep.<br />
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Good luck!

Just out of ciriousity, how long do you guys go without sleeping?

I suggest Meditation, give it a shot....focus your mind and clear all thoughts anything that bugs you... this may take a little bit of time...however you may be able to sleep if after doing this go lay down and lay there play a little music....something I do because I don't sleep either...generally now it goes for 3-5 hours a day depending what I am doing...ofcourse there are days (2-3) at a time I just don't sleep...

A product that has helped so many people suffering from insomnia is called Memory Charge. This product is also good for migrainess! You can get more information on this product at

Hello thats bad for you.. anyway where do you live? I have insomnia and at the same time I did it for my senior project. Nobody seems to reply about it though I need someone to talk about it.

Women, check out the Dr. John Lee's books "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About- Premenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause".<br />
<br />
After reading Dr. Lee's Premenopause book, I found that I was low on Progesterone. Now that I use an over the counter Progesterone cream, I no longer suffer from insomnia! Yea!

I am the same way. My emotions churn up and my brain fires up.

I think my mind is trying to kill me. I had almost no sleep at all last night. I think for a lot of us it's something unresolved or stresses.

Wow..I am assuming that you have already sought professional help. Is it because you are in some sort of emotional conflict? sometimes, thinking about something too much might keep the mind energized and it may not feel like resting at all. anyway, i hope you get your sleep soon enough.