I Cannot Stay Asleep For More Than 1-2 Hours

Alight ive been everywhere on websites that deal with insomnia and no one seems to be defining my problem. When I say I have insomnia, i mean, it takes me forever to fall asleep and as soon as i do and i wake up again, only an hour or more has passed and then its an acy of congress to be able to even get back to sleep just to have the same thing happen! Ive never had insomnia like this before, it just started up the last six days. I thought it was the video games but i quit those cold turkey. I'm thinking maybe its the stress of having to move and buy a car and deploy soon? ( I'm military) But i've dealed with that and told myself its going to be ok. i already even see a psychologist weekly!!! what am i doing wrong? I dont drink things with caffine, i have a fairly good diet. i try to shut off all electronics a good deal before bed.....

i work an 8 hour military job.....my life is already stressful enough right now, and now i cant even sleep to restore my body and mind?
I made an appointment for thursday to see a doctor but thats still days away..

how long can my body handle this? Even when i dream its either about the end of the world or telling people i have insomnia! Like come on now.....when will this end. what can i do? I just lay awake all night so mad!!!

McCamley225 McCamley225
Nov 27, 2012