I Found A Solution!

I havent slept for more than 3 hours straight for atleast 5 years. I havent fell asleep before 1am in about 5 years as well. But a facebook friend had posted something about this product called 8 Hour Snooze, a 2oz sleep shot, and I tried it just like I try everything else and I slept like a baby! I believe you can still get free samples from their site(www.8hoursnooze.com) to see if it works for you, so I definitely recommend everyone atleast try it to see if it works. Its free! I now buy it by the case, there is 12 bottles a case. Its a little over $30 a case. I think GNC and Walgreens now carry it. Hope this helps!

MarkFromNY MarkFromNY
Jan 6, 2013