Wide Awake In Miami!

Two months ago I had open heart surgery (triple bypass). Since than I can not fall asleep. I have spoken to my doctors about this problem and was told that this would pass with time. Has anyone else out there have gone through this?????
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I have had insomnia for years but it's been much worse since I underwent lung surgery four months ago. I feel it must be from having been under anesthesia. One night last week I was wide awake all night. It's never been this bad. I'd say I average four hours of sleep a night. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture. I have made an appointment with a Sleep Medicine physician to see if he has any suggestions.

hi There
yes i went through a similar phase after my heart surgery, it lasted only about 2mths for so i hope it passes for you.
my only advice i can give you is to try and let the sleep come naturally, try not think that it will go one and prob the best thing i did was taking drinking green tea.

i hope you the best