No Sleep For 4 Days And Counting I Need Help!

I've been on different sleep aids and nothing seems to be working. Even 200mg of Drazodone doesn't work for me anymore. Ambien didn't work either. The doctors seem like they don't give me good enough options. I went to the doctor today and they added a new sleep aid Quetiapine and I hope that works for tonight. But me not sleeping at all for 4 days is like a living you know what. All I can do is rest my eyes by keeping them shut for hours upon hours. I can't work because of my condition and have the fear of losing my job.

If anyone has any tips or ideas on how to sleep again please let me know.
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Wow, finally got the sleep I needed after being hospitalized for 12 days before finally they got me sleeping again. They took me off of drazodone completely and put me on 600 mg of quetiapine, 1 mg benztropine, 15 mg of mirtazapine, 10 mg of zolpidem, 1 mg clonazepam, and 1.5 of risperidone. This ordeal was terrible when I couldn't sleep and I'm glad that I can now sleep once again.

i'm glad you were able to find a solution. you're lucky, sleep meds don't help me at all! i just saw a doctor at the sleep clinic monday and am supposed to start seeing a sleep psychologist for cbt sleep behavioral therapy... i hope it helps. they told me it's my only real shot of any improvement. i envy people who get helped by medication. i've struggled with this half of my life, and still haven't found the answer yet!

Well, I hope you find your answer too someday!

I find that sleep medications can interfere more than help. I used to take Trazadone 200mg four times during the day for calming, Ambien makes me hyper, Seroquel I was at 1800mg and still couldn't sleep, Benedryl has no effect on my sleep (have even taken a whole bottle and was wide awake), Lunesta, Halcion, Sonata, Restoril, Doxepin, Remeron, - none of them and a few others have helped at all. Sleeping pills either have the opposite effect on me or do nothing. THe thing is though that most of them cause dependance, hangovers, and the quality of sleep isn't always the best. Some people say melatonin helps, but it really didn't do a thing to me, only it is natural, non-addictive, and without side effects, as it is natural in your body. Sometimes things like lavender are helpful. I used to have a heating pad my step mom bought me online that had lavender and a few other herbal things in it, and that actually did help me sleep and get a full nights sleep at times. I just don't know where it is anymore. Trying to keep sleep rituals is said to tell your mind to sleep, things like wearing different things to bed, only using bed for sleep, exercising a long time before bed, going to the bathroom before bed, not staying in bed awake longer than 20 minutes, etc. I have bedtime rituals, but they are kinda different. I do reserve my bed for sleep, wear different stuff to go to bed, keep the lights on, turn on the music, grab my stuffed friends, etc. But it takes me a long time to doze off. And I can't have any stimulation for an hour or so before I can sleep aside from the music. My computer, movies, books will keep my mind up. This ends up getting boring as I basically have to just lay around listening to music and doing nothing, but it's just how i am. I also need to be on the cool side to get comfortable for sleep, so I don't use a full blanket, and there is a window right by the head of my bed and I wear as little as I need to for comfort. Sometimes evening showers that are nice and warm are helpful, or eating a warm meal a couple of hours before bed (which is hard since I stay up late so as to not wake up toooo tooo early). There isn't too much else that i find helpful, though I do also know at least for me, even if I can't sleep, laying down and doing nothing does rest my body at least. I also do try to write things sometimes before bed to get thoughts out of my head. I do go a few days without sleep every so often, and at least 3 times i have gone a crazy 15 days with no sleep. My mind and body are strange, and it just happens sometimes. But these are the things that most help me remedy it, since medications don't. Hope something in there helps.Good luck!

I would try seeing a doctor who specializes in Sleep Medicine. My regular doctor just doesn't seem to have an interest in helping people with insomnia. I am hopeful the Sleep Medicine doctor who I will see next month for this problem will have some good suggestions.