Sometimes I Get Rediculously Anxious

during the night. My mind won't stop racing while my body demands that I move, excersize, pace, anything but just lay still and try to sleep. Tonight was particularly bad, at about midnight I decided to sneak out and run a few miles with the hope that it would calm me down. (And I was rewarded by seeing a meteorite or something fall in the distance.) But it really didn't help very much, which is why I'm sitting here typing this out while I feel tired but wired up at the same time.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Wow this sounds exactly like me, i have gotten so angry with not sleeping that I get up and do some form of exercise or anything i can think of to beat my body up and make it tired. Lately I've tried pushups since it's so cold outside to run. I've had many times where good exercise can help me sleep, but mostly whenever I do the same thing happens to me I can't fall asleep and when I'm in bed the next thing I know two hours passes and I'm no longer tired again from exercising and my insomnia is even worse. I do believe it is a lot in our heads, and extremely hard to prevent but if you think you can get to sleep, you'll probably have a much better chance of getting some than if you're worrying. I know it's hard not to, and it's my biggest issue I think, I feel your pain just as bad, I haven't slept a real night since Thursday and have tried almost everything I can think of, good luck and I hope you finally get some rest! The effects of not sleeping turn life into the most vivid nightmare and it really makes me not want to live at the worst points of it.