Insomnia, Duh.

My whole life, I've had insomnia. I get to sleep at about 1, am awake at 4.00, sleep at 5.00, awake at 5.30, and stay awake until 6.00, when my alarm goes off. That's 4.30 hours a night, more or less. It's good time for reading and listening to music, and if my girlfriend needs me, I'm awake for her. And I still focus and do well in school, so it's mainly advantage, but now I'm bored with all 4 gigs' worth of songs on my iPod, and I'm getting through books to quickly, and it's also a bit boring.

There are chemicals that the brain releases to make us tired at the appropriate time, and cut off when we get up. That's why we feel groggy in the morning, because the chemical hasn't dispersed properly. But owls have a different chemical that allow them to be awake during the night. It's rumoured that a minority of Humans have this chemical as well as the Human one, meaning they can function during the day and night.

The other day, I literally didn't get any sleep. I remember every hour, and was listening to full albums, hearing every song all the way to the end. At about 3.30, I figured there was no point trying anymore, so I got up and got a lot of stuff done, and I wasn't all that tired. I think I might be part of this romoured minority. Kinda makes me proud!

theonirvana theonirvana
18-21, M
May 30, 2007