Sleeping Beauty

I never thought I will have insomnia. My mother had it, and she was terribly crazy when she can't sleep. I had a notion that insomnia is the disease of the flipped. Of course, not until I had it. No matter how I physically tire myself, still I can't sleep on the hour I should be sleeping. It never happened to me before, I never had problems with sleep not until now. IDK, I wish to be okay soon. Please pray for me that I can handle this one, this has been months.
TitaniumSkyScraper TitaniumSkyScraper
36-40, F
3 Responses Oct 16, 2013

HI just wanna say if your ever up an need someone to talk to or to just listen message me anytime.

I extend the same message to you. & Thanks.

thank you

When that happens, I just start doing work I could be doing. The boredom should put be to sleep.

try fennel seeds as tea , it has some surprising effect on some people.