I'm So Tired

I can spend months sleeping just a couple of hours a day. Then, all of the sudden I start to sleep 8 to 12 hours daily.
Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I force myself into bed. This is screwing my life, so badly!.
I look really tired all the time when I can’t sleep. And when I can, I feel even more tired. I wish I could create a good sleeping habit.
caritus caritus
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 2, 2007

I know how you feel, I've got the same problem. Sometimes the body is just plain stupid and refuses to fall asleep even though it needs energy and it is so tired. I wish I could just eat something instead of sleeping 8 hours or more. Or maybe just sleep once a week. I don't understand why the body needs to have maintenance time offline for one third of our lives. Internet servers for online games only need a maintenance fix once a week or so. This sucks.