Nemesis of Worth.

Fear is my old nemesis. He is always there. Making sure that I never get comfortable. With no comfort, comes no sleep. Ensuring that his reign never ends. I've no arsenal for this worthy foe, as my weapons have been taken from me.

The Kings Brew has become a glancing party in my life. The adversary could not battle with mighty Corona. Alas, that element has been set aside. Fear and his insomnia carrying master win again.

The calming voice of her, is ever so fleeting. Insomnia knows this. It shall send its fear mongering hordes when she sleeps, then attack. I am weak and will not fight this battle. I will stay awake as a good subject should. A tired mind is a loyal one.

Happiness: the ultimate weapon against the foes of fear and insomnia. That weapon has eluded me. I've tried to acquire it from its cohorts; love; friendship; money; recreation and the such. Still awake.

'They' are not safe. Insomnia tells you this, to create doubt. Your mind is not sharp and it can be ran amongst something dull and you'll be none the wiser. Your fear for their safety is keeping you awake. Insomnia hits the lights and the scoreboard.

I am so tired. My mind wanders aimlessly and my heart grows from my soul. Rest is as key as nourishment. The soul needs these bits of ammunition. Happiness, the love of a woman, a spot of beer and the knowledge of loved ones being warm, can destroy any kind of sleep deterring elements.

I am not thirsty anymore, I love you and I am smiling. Then, and only then, can I sleep.


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17 Responses Dec 21, 2008

Thanks, Bobberto! I appreciate that. <br />
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Thank you as well to snowberry75 for the nice comments.

A nice and very creative viewpoint on insomnia, I too have battled it off and on throughout my life. <br />
Thanks for sharing. <br />
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But thanks for your written ad for something I've no interest in.

Have you tried cognitive behavioral methods? In particular the cognitive part, which might help you address the thoughts that prevent and undermine good sleep.

Are you serious? <br />
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I see that EP has become an automated response, and peddling website.

*pokes<br />
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Yeah! You should write more! : P<br />
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So how goes the sleeping these days?

I am not sure why I have stopped writing here. I think this site could use some of my good pieces here and there. <br />
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I guess I think that it will just be lost among all the crap that the local morons and frequenters of the site post. <br />
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Thank you for the kind words though. =)

This was a great read Eric! I am sad that you have stopped writing here. I hope you are sleeping better these days.

Thanks for the comments. =)

Very well crafted, thankyou :)

Thanks. :)

Very good -- : )

Hehe...thanks for the tip, my crazy hybrid friend. :)

Thanks for the reads, ladies. :)

I love you baby......we slept so much better when we were together didnt we? I need you next to me......

Thanks. That was nice of you. :)

Thanks, Duck. :) <br />
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I am sleepy. :P