I Can't Sleep

Every night I can lay in the bed for hours but my mind will not shut down or relax where i can sleep. I end having to tire push my  body so hard and make it shut down to where I pass out for 8 -12 hours just to get sleep. I go to sleep but I don't get ANY REST. I don't know what to do because I think hurtin my body by making have to shutdown.
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Melatonin is a natural sleep chemical which is released in our brains whenever it's night, or at the appropriate time via our circadian rythm, which tells us when to go to bed, makes us tired. Don't drink any caffeine after 2pm, don't exercise before bed, don't smoke before bed, don't drink before bed, give your eyes an hour to adjust to the lack of computer screens, as the computer screen tricks your brain into thinking it's day time, and then it doesn't release its melatonin. Make sure that you're eating healthily, fruits, veggies, lean meats, dairy, etc. And also make sure that you're not eating before bed, as that may interfere with your quality of sleep.

What do you mean by 'tire push'? If you're exercising before bed, that's going to speed up your heart rate and increase your blood flow, which delivers more oxygen to your brain which makes you more alert and less tired. Not a good idea.

I've had insomnia for a long, long time--and not the "I drink too much caffeine, but then say I have insomnia" kind. The real kind. Melatonin supplements--fast acting dissolve ones you can feel in 5 minutes, and have you passed out, naturally, in 20-30 minutes. I take one 30 mins before bed, and by the time I get in bed, I'm passed out in 10 minutes.


To be honest, I do pretty much the same thing most days because I know that both my body and mind need to be tired and/or relaxed to be able to sleep. I do a lot of weight training and running, and sleep best on the days that I do that.

On rest days I may or may not sleep so well. The tricky part is always getting the mind to relax and calm down to be able to sleep.

There are lot's of things you can try to do to learn how to relax your mind. You may find some techniques a bit too alternative or 'hippyish', but the point is they work.

The following article describes some of the most common techniques for relaxing the mind before sleeping, but also a couple of uncommon things that might help like mindfulness and acupressure mats.

Have a read, and you may find something that helps the next time you haven't quite managed to knock yourself out:-)


read my story and maybe it can help you cuz im still sleepless and dammm it. (http://thebloodygeeza.blogspot.com/)

I agree with avoiding medication if you can. Take a look at www.gettosleep.org.uk which is a website that provides audio tracks to help people with insomnia, stress or anxiety issues. These tracks have already helped people deal with issues such as these, including myself and people I know. Info about the tracks is on the website. I hope it can help you aswell!

take a long lukewarm bath with lavender oil, in it. Soak it up for at least half an hour and you'll fall into sleep almost right away. Plus during the day lay off them soda's and drink milk and water. The vitamin D in milk produces Calcium from UV light emitted from the sun. Its crazy but just drinking milk will not help you grow stronger bones, you need to get out. 20 minute minimum. Calcium is part of your bones, which is the main body part that produces fresh new blood. Without it, you will feel really really tired..forget meds, your body didn't need them when you were a baby, why start now?

sleep is overated!!!

Try skullcap. Grandmasherbs.com sells a sleepytime blend with skullcap in it, they might still be giving out free samples----and I mean free, no S&H. Wash it down with some sort of sleepytime tea and you'll really be in business. Just keep in mind that herbal remedies can have drug interactions, too.

I know how you feel.<br />
I thought there was something so wrong with pushing my body to the point where it passes out and even when my head does hit the pillow and i wake up, i still get no rest. I'm still left really tired. <br />
This is how my nights depend on my music to keep me occupied.<br />
Least i'm not alone.

I've been there. It got to the point where I would use the hours to listen to music and daydream. I LOOOOOVE music and began to "enjoy my awake hours, even though I was sleepy during the day. Later, I was diagnosed with depression and took Lexapro for a year. I think my sleeplessness was a symptom of the depression. I no longer take meds and I sleep very well. In fact, I can lay my head down and be asleep in minutes. I don't know why- but I do know that I miss those night hours of enjoying music.

I know the feeling, I'm a d d adsd abcd so I'm all over the place. Try 3 mg of melatonin with some valarian tea and you'll be asleep 10 min later, no matter where you are.