Sleepless Nights

i have just recently been diagnosed with insomnia. i started not being able to sleep 3 years ago. i thought it was just all the pessure i went through in my incredibly competitive elite school.after graduation, i still wasnt able to sleep, despite being the best student and scoring a perfect string of a's. i am unable to sleep. sometimes till 4am, can never shut my eyes before 2am. i have got to wake up at 6am daily to got to college...i have tried everything from counting sheeps, drinking chamomile, warm milk....i have deserted caffeine totally. still cant parents think i m way too young to be put on sleep tabs but my physician think it is neccessary. i cant sleep..its driving me crazy.people say i think too much..maybe they are right.
TeeVee TeeVee
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2007