Medication Or Should I Just Get Up and Do Something?

I have insomnia now and I struggle with take meds ( I've got a pile to choose from too).  I was told do not stay in bed if you cannot sleep, do something FUN.  The problem is I am usually very tired but just not sleepy. 

My feet automatically walk to the refrigerator.That's a few inches on SOMEWHERE!

I don't like watching TV and going to sleep with it or the radio on because it will wake me up later.

I'm too tired to sleep.

Sex may be an answer, but I'm not in a relationship so that is out.

I wish I just had someone to TALK TO  WHO ALSO CANNOT SLEEP.

csan csan
61-65, F
2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Thank you TheCheese. I have a few serious disabilities, so when I put on music and dance I'm in so much pain I do take meds...But I just have to dance sometimes. I used to walk alot but I can no longer do that, I don't dance hardly now too.

I used to have trouble sleeping and staying asleep. I would wake up about 5 or more times a night and it would just kill me the day after. I found after I started doing some energy work I would just become so calm and relaxed that I would fall asleep! So while discovering something new I learned how to relaax and turn off the mind which is the real reason I couldn't sleep to begin with. Also try some meditation to quite the mind. I find about 5 minutes of this and all I want to do is sleep. Don't know if that may help but I hope it does on some level.