Insomnia Ainmosni

I'm at it againnnnnnnn.  My nights and days are mixed up.  It's a result of feeling mixed up myself.  My beliefs and inner peace have been challenged beyond my personal strength and I'm turning for divine intervention......literally.

My spirituality has been jolted and spread so thin, once again I'm challenged to reach beyond my comfort zone.  I feel as if somehow I got myself into this on so many different levels.  But I know being human is enough to bring this on.

I hate times like these.  I will once again find my way through this.

I'm truly blessed to have ep in my life so I don't feel so alone.  A place where I can feel so much love and friendship. 

Thanks, WarriorMom

WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I wish there was no such thing as time.Lotz of your soothing songs to you,It's good to know others feel that way.Sleep,beautiful snuggly warn sleep. Peace x

I would love many songs Sweetheart

aw want me to sing you a hum to put you to sleep?

Imsomnia ainmosmI just wanted to try the title a different way. must be really bored!!!!!

Thanks Babydoll.......<br />
I'll pm.

{{{HUGS}}}<br />
If I can help, I am here.