Last Night

I didn't sleep until about 11am. I tried to go to bed at about 4. Laid there miserably for 2 more hours and couldn't get to sleep. Then my stomach was sore from hunger, so i decided to go out and quickly make an egg on toast - my dad was also up making breakfast about to go to work. Then i tried to sleep again... Still nothing. I'm trying so hard to clear my mind. I even used my spray which is meant to help you sleep and clear 'mental arguments' which are quite often the cause of insomnia and inability to sleep. It was horrible. And not to mention i'm one of those people who can't sleep during the day, and by this time, the sun is shining through my window. An hour later, i hear my mum and my little brother get up and leave for school. I was about to go crazy. Then, it was about 830am and i smoked a pretty decent amount of weed, really quickly, in hope that it would knock me out a bit. Another 2 hours later... And i'm asleep. I'm so tired of this.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I also have insomnia. My doctor gives me medication but I didn't want to be dependant. I've notice if I tire myself out during the day (like extreme exercise) it helps. But who can exercise everyday.<br />
Hope you get a good night sleep soon.