Sleeping Just Does Not Work For Me

i guess it started somewhere around the time i was in 8th grade and i didn't really ever notice it 'til 9th grade and since it has gotten much worse i can go without sleep and the only way i can stay asleep if i fall asleep is if i'm dreaming if i wake from my dreams and do not fall back into the dream there is no hope for me in sleeping the way i know i fall asleep is if i dream if i don't dream then i know i haven't not slept at all besides the obvious fact that i'm still times it can be very aggrivating because i will get tired and want to sleep so badly but no matter how tired or how bad it will not work...sometimes if i sleep it barely last even more than 30 minutes to an hour it last alot long though if i have continueing dreams to keep my mind from waking sometimes i think the reason i can't sleep is because my mind carries many thoughts always and they just seem to wander around lost in my head and when it's time i should be sleeping they start to stirr and i start to feel the need to firgure things out if  happens to be something currently on my mind that i haven't dealt with- yes i've have tried sleeping pills they have the opposite effect of what they're supposed to do they just keep me up and i'm not much for taking medicine it just gives me the  feeling of somehow being fake even when nothings on my mind i find it hard to sleep. sleep escapes me more and more with every chance it is given

Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2007