7 Am and Still Up....any New Meds?


 birds & sun  up. It’s an hour past my usual black out time. Another wasted day. It nevers ends. Thinking about going to on meds.  again but don’t like the side effects. Any good new ones? Of course over the counter doesn’t help someone like me.
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Hi silent<br />
I'm not on anything now. I'm going to the doctors soon and asking for Zopiclone. I'll let you know if that helps.

It's old fashion but sometimes it does work. If you can gag it down, warm milk. I put a little sprinkle of Cinnamon in mine.

All wonderful advices..thank you all..

There's a drug called Limovan which I get through a doctor here in Spain. It is simply the best...... here I just got this from the web.....:<br />
<br />
Limovan<br />
<br />
Brand names: Limovan, Imovane, Amoban, Ximovan.<br />
<br />
Generic name: Zopiclone<br />
<br />
Limovan is a sleep-inducing agent. Limovan reduces the time to onset sleep and the frequency of night awakenings, increasing the quality of sleep and quality of awakening in the morning. Limovan is a drug with a sedative, anxiolytic, anti-convulsant and muscle-relaxant properties. Doctors prescribe Limovan to treat sleeping disorders and all types of insomnia, especially when it's difficult to fall asleep, either initially or after early awakening. Limovan the top selling brand in Europe ( Also sold under other brand names: Imovane (Canada and Holland), Amoban (Japan) and Ximovan (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Has now been approved by the FDA for use in the USA. The most expensive of the 3 top selling global brands.<br />
<br />
..... anyways, I've used most of the prescription sedatives in my life (yippee......) but this one is just very good, gives you a good nights sleep and no spaced out feeling in the morning..... which is a shame !!! lol