Insomnia is truly ruining my life :( I can't function I'm so sleepy and tired all of the time but I can't sleep at all ! Someone please help !!!!!!!!
ArmaniTsunami ArmaniTsunami
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

i have insomnia too... i was put on trazadone to help me sleep but i think its harming more than helping... its made me really depressed and also one night i didnt take it and i was up the whole night... when i do take it, however, i find it really hard to wake up in the morning and then i get really drowsy at about 4 in the afternoon. but i would recommend meditating before bed and maybe looking into some sound-wave therapy

I tried trazodone for a few days and it actually made me drowsy and didn't allow me to sleep I felt like a zombie, I'm on amitryptyline now and that doesn't seem to be helping either. Unless it takes a while to actually work, I'm just trying Randomn concoction of meds hoping they would help me sleep but nothing seems to work. Everyday is a struggle feeling the way I do. I was such a happy person and then BOOM, insomnia hit me like a brick and stole my life :( I literally can not sleep. Fear I might have Fatal Insomnia or something idk. I've never had suicidal thoughts but for the past week or so I just don't care for my life, I rather live and be happy than be so exhausted and miserable.