Seven years of sleep disturbed nights. Seven years of trouble staying asleep.

I don't really know what it is that disturbs my sleep. I get very vivid and Dejavu dreams, which wake me very often. Some have my heart pounding, others give me a headache, others still I wake in a cold sweat!

I was going to go to the doctor about it again, but I don't want to use up my health insurance, as I'll need the benefit it gives me for a more serious problem some time in the future maybe.

Most mornings I awaken an hour or two before the alarm clock is going to go off. When I say awaken, I mean finally decide to get out of bed!

We all have troubles which our brains seek to sort out when we are asleep. It's just mine are so vivid I awaken after only two or three hours sleep, and that's all I get, each and every night!
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Getting them every night for 7 years seems like serious problem. You may want to reconsider ? just my opinion.
Did meditation help in any way to reduce frequency of this ?

You know !!! So do i