How does having a 'few' sleepless night differ from having insomnia?
How can you tell when it becomes more serious? Is insomnia something you get 'diagnosed' as??
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It is a diagnosed disorder actually

That's what I was wondering.. How do you know when to take your sleepiness nights more seriously? When it might be a bigger problem

If you think you have insomnia then you should go to your doctor and they will run some tests (at least they did for me) and if they see that you do, they'll give you some sleeping medication

I have received sleeping medications in the past, but only short term. Doctors don't really like to give sleepers out. Does that change if you are actually diagnosed as an insomniac?

It did for me. I have some major insomnia so I'm on a permanent sleeping medication

Sorry to hear that. Does your body not become immune to the meds causing your doctor to keep upping the dose all the time?

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