More About Me

I have been battling insomnia for about a year, my myopathy creates enough pain/discomfort to wake me repeatedly.  If I stay in one position longer than an hour or so the pain wakes me.  Sleeping pills don't prevent me from waking up. I get up and move around and/or take pain medication but it usually takes an hour or more before I can settle down to try and sleep again.  I am currently on 60 mg of prendisone and that is taking its toll, but has reduced the pain level so I am sleeping longer stretches but still never more than a few hours at a time.  I am currently on long term disability approved through May, and am in the process of appealing to social security with an attorney.  I have developed carpal tunnel in both hands via the myopathy and am recovering from surgery on my right hand, scheduled to do the left in a few weeks.  I am with a wonderful man who I hope to marry, we have been engaged for over a year, became engaged before my illness, and I have postponed our marriage due to the medical bills that would become burdensome on his income if we were wed. quite a quanundrum.  I have five grown children and two grandchildren.  I am hoping that once I recover from hand surgery I will be able to do machine quilting for a hobby.

belle1953 belle1953
Mar 3, 2009