My Painful Sleep

I used to love sleep......I used to love the feeling of curling up and falling into a deep sleep and waking with a refreshed feeling and loving my mornings....this has drastically changed over the last 10 yrs where my quality of sleep has become so bad....I wake about every hour with pain in my legs and hands arms and legs are a combination feeling of being numb and in pain...I feel it in my bones/muscles/nerves..I have peripheral neuropathy..severe carpel tunnel.. RLS..and chronic fatigue is just a given..and epilepsy....what worries me the most is my COPD and sleep apnea...I wake sometime unable to breath right .....

lucianna lucianna
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

Aww, so sorry that you have to deal with all those issues! Is there anything that can be done to cure your conditions? Are you on medication? I have sometimes been woken up because of sleeping on my arm or shoulder the wrong way. Most nights I feel like my whole body is vibrating the bed even though I am still. Is that restless leg syndrome?