Haven't been on in a while. I hate not being able to sleep at night. My brain just decides to think about everything, from being single to remembering EVERY SINGLE bad thing I've done in my life that I can't take bad...
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Me to even threw the day it's just continuous to the point I lose concentration even wen doing things that are dangerous (working with machinery) but one thing that did work for me was sleeping next to someone fealing themnext to me and listening to heart beat tlook my mined off of it all

I've heard, if you put your head where your feet would be , and your feet where your head is it can be easier to fall asleep. Reading also helps a lot

I've tried that before it works sometimes.

Wonderful =)

Think "sleep." That is what I do in this crisis.

That's never good :/ people make mistakes just gotta learn :) for sleeping try melatonin, or flex every single muscle in your body and hold it hard for 15 seconds do it 3 times and you'll feel more relaxed and hopefully sleep