Sleep Patterns

This all started mostly with my dad. He would make me stay up untill i got my reports done early all through highschool, but now I swear I have an issue with sleeping, i hate it, it never is very restful for me, and I LOVE doing everything at night, during the day its way to loud, noises everywhere and my parents (mostly my dad) At night everything is nice and quite and i could have time to get stuff done but my dad always forces me to turn my stuff off and lay there bored, he even shuts the breaker off and locks the pannel to my room so i can't do anything that involves electricity, which is like 98% of my life. I wish i could fall asleep sometimes, but i never see the point, i dont have bags under my eyes, and i function fine with 3-4 hours of sleep. When i sleep for 8 hours i feel exausted and that i overslept. I cant wait to move out of my house so i can have my own pattern and not worry about my dad being a A**H*** about it, since it is his fault it started. Thanks Dad! How would you cope with something like this, And what does it take to try and get back on a decent sleep cycle?

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I to have the same problem. You might want to try meditation and a meditation CD. That has helped me some. The music is very soothing and practicing meditation helps you to relax. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Wow....there is so much here to comment on, it's hard to begin...but, I will answer what I know about sleeping...make sure you are not sleeping too much during the day...exercise often does a warm shower, hot tea and meditation....peace....SS