Dazed.... Am I Really Still Awake??

OMG man, its nice to see that I'm not the only person who doesn't sleep well at night!!  I will feel extremely tired, and go to lie down on my bed.  My body needs the rest like a boat needs water to function correctly... but my brain is just chug chug chugging along.  Then, if I can finally turn my brain off, my body starts twitching, mostly my legs... and then I can't get comfortable.  Normally I can finally drop off about 3 or 4 am, and my wake up call is 6 am.  Wuhoo.  I have found a savior though, in the form of medication.  Ambien CR is a wonderful sleep aid.  I find myself not able to sleep without it, and right now, I am without, yay for me. 
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a few tips - maybe they help, maybe they won't..<br />
Restless leg syndrome can be caused by a lack of magnesium and/or calcium. A calcium supllement with dolomite may help.<br />
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Insomnia is no joke and its hard to treat. I have treated a friend with Melissa (lemon balm) which is a de-stressing herb, and chamomile, - you make up a tissane or tea with 1/4 cup fresh leaves or 1 teaspon dry (pre-mixed) a half hour before bed. Then tuck a few fresh lavender leaves into a mutton cloth "envelope" and pop them into your pillow. <br />
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It works for a few days when you need to de-tox from medicine. Other things also help, but too lengthy to put here..Sometimes the only aid is medicine and keeping a notepad by the bed to jot down thoughts (one liners only, mind!) .. when it gets too much, you NEED to sleep..<br />
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Nighty night all..

I've been suffering from insomina for years.<br />
Everything I try works for a little while but I haven't been able to control this problem. I just talk to myself until I finally fall asleep, it's a cycle. I talk, sleep wake up, talk, sleep and so on.

Abein really works? I heard horror stories of people doing strange things while on ambein.

I can't sleep (unless I'm heavily drugged) if I don't have earplugs and a sleep mask. Light seriously interferes with me falling asleep, even moonlight, and I wake up easily, so I have to shut out the busy-street noises to get any rest.

I have the same problem not i just count sheep and it works or i focus my attention on the rythm of my heart beat or my breathing

yeap, give the sugar, caffeine & nicotine and use an herb pillow, warmed up in the micro for around 1 minute and once that lavender gives off its fumes, you'll be sleepy...Also try a hot shower, but the sugar is the kicker, good luck

Herb pillow. I want one. Will look it up . Thanks.

Maybe you have Restless Leg Syndrome, hon. For me, that was what my twitchy legs were from.